free printable ideas for advent calendar- 24 nights of activity cards leading up to Christmas

Here it is! Free printable ideas for advent calendar- 24 nights of activities leading up to Christmas!

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If you’re anything like me, December 1st can really sneak up on you. Suddenly you’re in full on Christmas mode and it kind of feels like you cant keep up with all of the things. So I did part of the thinking for you on this one! Here are the advent activities I have for this years calendar. I even included the PDF if you would like to download the cute (black and white) printer friendly cards for your family as well!

our advent calendar

For a few years I used this DIY advent calendar I made with super cute craft paper boxes, bags, and envelopes tied to a stick that I painted white and added bows to. It was way cute, but way impractical for this phase of life with two young kids. So I gave myself the gift of time and not having to retie all these boxes and bags each year by using this beautiful and simple pocket calendar from Gathre.

activity cards

Elves Came– okay.. so this one might be a little specific to our family. But this was something my mom did with my siblings and I (before elf on the shelf was a thing) and I loved it. To kick off the season, the “elves” visit our house and leave a present. And for us, its Christmas PJs. That way they can wear them the whole season and not just the night before.

Holiday Event– whatever thing you might already have planned

Zoo Lights – I’m sure lots of you do this in your town as well.

Christmas Movie – obviously. There are a couple cards for this one because well, there are just too many good Christmas movies to fit into one month.

Bake Cookies – I think I have this in there twice, I know we will be making my favorite soft gingerbread cookies and of course making and decorating sugar cookies!

Gingerbread house – I usually buy one of those cute and easy looking yet incredibly frustrating and not at all easy ones from Target.

Paper snowflakes

Hot Cocoa + Lights Drive – grab a hot cocoa and drive around neighborhoods with the best lights!

Write to Santa

Gift Shopping – I feel like its a good time to teach sister how to pick out gifts for others now too.

Make Ornaments– I plan on making these from Almost Makes Perfect!

Visit Santa

Deliver Christmas Cards – we like to personally deliver our Christmas cards to our neighbors – fun for my extrovert daughter. Not so much for me.

Build a snowman – obviously this will only be good for those who live where there is snow, maybe making one out of clay could be fun for those warmer climates!

Make a bird feeder – you know. one of those pine cone, peanut butter and bird seed ones. Like this!

Go ice skating– my daughter has been begging to do this, seems like the right time to try it again

Game Night

Breakfast for dinner– easy crowd pleaser!

Candy Cane Hunt- hide candy canes around the house!

Christmas Book

Donate a Toy– trying to show the joy in giving this season

Act of Kindness

A couple of these will be doubled up to fill in days! I like to include coordinating treats in the pockets as well. Chocolate coins for shopping days, hot cocoa packets for days that we will go look at lights, candy canes, popcorn for movie days, etc!!

Hope this was a helpful way to take something off your plate this holiday season! Feel free to download the PDF of these cards down below!

download advent calendar cards

these printables are for personal use only

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