New home, new beginning

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Let’s just be honest, sitting here looking at this blank page, this uncharted territory, this new direction, is so. incredibly. intimidating. Nevertheless, let’s do this thing.

Welcome to the Henny House. In July of 2018 we sold our first home and moved into our current 1988 dreamboat. Okay, it most certainly was not a dream to the untrained eye. But lucky for you, and my husband, I can see past all the eighties goodness that this new canvas had. Fall in love, put in an offer, compete with other offers, accepted, poop pants, sell current home, poop pants again, and move. Oh yea.. with a three month old. Thank goodness she was the most amazing baby.

So there you have it. My first post on this new venture. Painless, right? Now scroll right on down and check out this bad boy and its fantastic bones. You can see it right? The potential?? Let’s uncover that potential with a whole lot of work, love and DIY.

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