a modern girly bedroom design – A dreamy pink and blue space for our six year old

a modern girly bedroom design

a modern girly bedroom design – the completed space

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At the beginning of the year we basically played musical rooms- our son ended up in the larger room that our daughter was in, and our daughter was moved into what was the guest bedroom. This set me up to essentially design two rooms at the same time. And while at the time it sounded like so much fun, it really felt like a heavy request after a bit and I felt so stuck on each one for quite a while.

But when enough of the right pieces came together I finally got a spark of inspiration for the direction I wanted to take miss H’s room. A modern girly bedroom design was coming together bit by bit. And It all started with some drapes.

This is what her room looked like before, but now that was brothers room and would obviously need a refresh. More to come on that!

The mural wall in her old room was very fun, but it had been up for four years and even when her room was at its cleanest it always left me with a sense of chaos. So imagine how overstimulating it all felt when her room was lived in and had toys and books everywhere. It was sad to paint over, but I wasn’t exactly sad to see it go.

the before

We moved her next door and and this is what the room looked like when it was an afterthought of a guest room:

the plan..without a plan

I wanted the room to feel slightly less chaotic than her last one did, one that actually felt clean when the room was picked up. With this room being quite a bit smaller and she would be inheriting the queen bed as well. I had my work cut out for me making this little six year old puzzle work out and end up looking cute.

A trip to IKEA ended with us leaving with the rooms inspiration and we didn’t even realize it. But the pink and blue plaid drapes ended up inspiring the final modern girly bedroom design!

Originally my six year old had requested her room be painted blue (and pink) But I do think this is because blue had just been painted in her brothers new room next door. Sadly I had to veto her request because with infinite colors to choose from, I did not want two blue rooms right next to each other.

So I painted it green. Which was stupid, because spoiler alert.. I hated it. I was a beautiful beautiful color ( Benjamin Moore October Mist), and I will find somewhere else to use it. But it was not doing any favors to the features of the room – like the headboard and the drapes. I wanted so badly to love it, but I just couldn’t and I knew I had made a mistake.

the Cherry on top of modern girly bedroom design – the pink ceiling

One of the most prominent features of the room before was the horrible and seemingly extra chunky popcorn ceilings. Thankfully the job of getting them scraped was one that we hired out. And thank goodness we did because what a MESS!

At this point I actually still had the space painted green but was second guessing myself about it every time I came into the room. And when the paint crew who had scraped the ceiling asked what color white I wanted for the ceiling.. I took this as my opportunity to change my mind about the room color and didn’t pick a white for the ceiling…

I (very quickly) picked Sherwin Williams Peach Blossom and sent that over to the painters knowing full well that the room would look like a circus for a few days until I could paint the walls white.

Green walls with a pink ceiling was certainly a look. Not one I was a fan of, so it was extra motivating to paint over the green I knew had been a mistake from the beginning. I painted it Sherwin Williams Dover White to really make that pink ceiling the star of the room. Well, that and the corner headboard too.

modern girly bedroom design – the details

I wanted to prioritize a desk and play space in her new room so I knew I didn’t want to add an average size dresser to the already small room. So I was on the hunt for a small three drawer dresser to act as a nightstand. Perfect for pajamas, leggings – the few things she needed folded. But also the perfect spot for a lamp, her water and yoto player at night. I found the perfect one at goodwill for $15 and with a little blue paint – Krypton by Sherwin Williams – it was the perfect pop of blue she had originally suggested for her room color.

I found this quilt at Target on sale and and it felt like the perfect match with the blue nightstand dresser and yet another way to give my girl her blue room that she asked for without actually painting it blue. I loved the stripes on stripes look with the drapes.

Ever since I saw Ashley from Arrows and Bow create this dried floral arrangement, I knew I wanted to create one for my daughters room someday. Now was my chance! I pulled some dried and bleached palm leaves from the grocery store, the pink and white dried lagurus (who knew it was called that) and tiny white wood roses from Michael’s. But my favorite parts of this piece was the dried rose I had saved from her first dance recital, and the giant dried flower from thanksgiving. It was both cost saving and sentimental which are both things I prioritize.

The corner headboard – A DIy project for a unique look

When I begrudgingly decided the bed needed to be tucked in the corner for this stage of life, so she could have more floor play space, it made me feel SO stumped on the design of this room. Rarely do you see a well designed space with a queen bed shoved in the corner.

I decided the solution to this awkward layout was to accentuate the corner set up instead of trying to just deal with it. Enter: the corner headboard. I had a very specific vision in my head for how I wanted it to look in the end, so it involved me getting in the bed and drawing it out on plywood to create the shape I wanted.

I will write a whole post on how I accomplished this headboard, but for now, the blue organic-shaped velvet headboard turned out almost exactly as I had pictured it in my mind.

And it looked SO much better against a white wall instead of a green one.

purchasing secondhand for a fresh space

The desk I found for this room was originally from Pottery Barn teen, but you know I found it on Facebook Marketplace. The gallery wall above it is full of thrifted frames and downloadable art from Etsy. And a cute little vintage handheld mirror that we found during a mother-daughter date to the antique mall. I painted a few of the frames both the color of the ceiling and the color of the dresser to keep the blues, pinks, woods, and golds continuous throughout the room.

The wicker shelves and mirror are also from, you guessed it, Goodwill. While were here lets just round up all the things I purchased second hand for this room so that you can realize that you don’t have to buy all new to refresh a room.

Goodwill: Frames, nightstand dresser, stuffed bunny mount, basket for stuffed animals, lamp on nightstand, wicker shelves and mirror, shelves next to closet.

Facebook Marketplace: Desk and chair, wood bed frame, bulletin board, wood blinds.

It might take longer and it might mean making some adjustments and sacrifices. Curating a room with thrifted details makes it not only easier on your wallet, but better for the planet, and makes it so your home doesn’t look exactly like everyone else’s and has a more “storied” look in the end.

Making a special space feel special takes time. And that’s exactly why it took about four months to bring together this modern girly bedroom design.

My favorite view – the pink ceiling from my daughters room, next to my sons room and his coordinating blue ceiling.


modern girly bedroom design – sources:

paint colors

ceiling – peach blossom, SW • walls – dover white, SW • dresser/bulletin board – krypton, SW


desk / chair / bed frame / step stool in closet


letter piggy bank / modern vase on desk / long gold curtain rod / drapes / heart pillow / karaoke machine / giant unicorn / stuffed sloth / stuffed highland cow / bedding

on the walls

wall mounted light / stuffed animal mount / name pennant / colorful mountain art / beach art / making waves banner


modern girly bedroom design

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