One Room Challenge – Our Home Office – Week 1

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Ever since learning about the One Room Challenge and watching several BA women renovate and redesign rooms in their homes, I have wanted to participate. Yesterday I learned that the Spring ORC was starting the next day and I made the split second decision to just go for it and register as a guest designer. What did I have to lose? An underwhelming office. That’s what.

So on that note, the room I am going to tackle is…. our home office!!

We have been talking about making some changes to this room for a year now. Who hasn’t been getting way more use out of home offices in 2020? With my husband working from home full time from March – June, that room was suddenly a very utilized space in our home and we quickly decided it needed some reorganization, if nothing else.

This room was once our daughter’s nursery, so it’s been through its fair share of changes in the last three years, but now it needs some more intentional design. Let’s take a look at how its evolved and the state it is currently in.

This was the room in its nursery hey day. Its a relatively small room, saying its 10’x10’ is probably giving it too much credit, and I just don’t want to go measure it right now. Hollie has since moved on to bigger and better things, her room now is massive. We basically swapped the office and her room and now we’ve shoved two desks in this room, that houses a small business and a occasional WFH job. And this is how it currently looks, warning: I did not clean up for you!

Okay, so its not necessarily BAD, but its nothing exciting either. And there’s just something about small rooms that makes me want to do something a little more BOLD and adventurous, design wise.

I love my bright white home. But I am craving some color, some change, and I think this is the space to do it. I’m feeling some moody library vibes.

We should all know by now that I am a big fan of design on a dime. I will sell things I no longer need to fund a project, repurpose the old, thrift, and DIY. 8 weeks sure seems like a good chunk of time to spend hunting for those affordable pieces to finish this room and give it some cozy, unique, and leather-bound vibes. 😉

Basically I’m stoked to get some fresh paint in here, legit grown up drapes that aren’t repurposed drop cloths, and really put some design thought into this heavily used space. And for the love of all things, some gosh darn cord management!!

And off to pick out some paint samples we go!!

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