One Room Challenge – Week 3

(Everything you see, we bought with our own money – nothing was sponsored or gifted). This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

Apparently we are three weeks into this thing? It does not feel like that long has gone by or that I have gotten enough done in that three weeks. I suppose you can be the judge!

Once I finally got the ceiling color fiasco figured out, I cut in and did all the finish work on the painting. I dont have a fancy sprayer, so this type of work takes a bit, especially when working on trimwork. I’m talking tiny little brush. “I she still talking about paint??” “Goodness gracious she is, what in the world, move on woman”

Alright alright! So the paint is finished, and my husband and I are in agreement, its SO COZY and we are loving spending time in there. Especially after our daughter’s bedtime, with the windows open and the cool breeze coming in. It really does feel like a special room even just with a fresh coat of paint and nothing else.

We are sticking with the library/study feel. Bringing in wood tones and textures, leathers, and brass/gold! So I am slowly sourcing frames, mostly from Facebook Marketplace and Goodwill! In my opinion theres no reason to pay more than $5 for a frame, just gotta be willing to hunt for it! I am hoping to build a corner gallery wall like this example! I do want to add a brass wall mounted lamp to the gallery wall though, to act as a desk lamp.

I really wanted brass curtain rods for this room, to contrast and pop on the dark walls. I was about to buy them when I realized spray paint is WAY cheaper than new curtain rods! $7 versus $55.

I ordered some white velvet drapes for the room. I wanted them to look soft yet substantial, add texture, and white to brighten up the room a tad cause I don’t want to cover up the only natural light coming from the windows.

When the door was closed, the stark white door was begging for some color. Do I dare? After the yellow ceiling mishap? I dare. I tried to match the same tone as the wood and leather, adding some warmth. I ended up going with Sherwin Williams Brandywine. Cause it was pretty but also sounded like something you would serve in a study! hah. (P.S. Did you know there is a country-wise shortage of Sherwin Williams sample size quarts?? Now you do. Weird how much Covid continues to effect.)

Its photographing way more orange than it is in real life. You have to trust me that it looks great! And compliments the room color perfectly. And good news! If you don’t like it, just don’t close the door 😉

The plan for the next week is installing the new fan, hanging drapes, continue to source frames and prints. And continue to plot out the closet built ins. Do we go with an Ikea system? Pax or billy’s and a dresser? Do we do it on our own? What do you think?

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